Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Residual Current Circuit Breakers

WiNtrip RCCB


From Bungalows to High Risers, from Trade Centres to Hotels, from Clinics to

Hospitals, from elevators to escalators electricity is the foremost requirement.

Electricity has become an integral part of our life so common to our daily

requirements that we forget its intricacies and hazardous behaviour.

Day after day we come across many un to do events hampering human lives

due to negligent usage of electricity. Even large number of  industrial and

Domestic fire is attributed to and caused by electricity.

Faulty insulated equipments or wrong useage of electrical devices cause

Current to flow through insulation to the earth. This is leakage current. This

Current poses two severe risk factors which are:

Fire Risk

Electrocution Risk

Residual Current Circuit Breaker provides the function of  isolation switching

and earth leakage protection of electrical circuits. It also provides the indirect

Protection of the operatorˈs body against the dangerous effects of electric

Current. It is also a protective device against fire caused by the electrical circuit




Physiological Effect of Electric Current on Human Body

500 mA                       Iimmediate cardiac arrest resulting in death

70-100mA       Cardiac fibrillation ; the heart begins to vibrate and no

                        longer beats at a steady rate. This situation is dangerous

                        since it is irreversible

20-30 mA            Muscle contraction can cause respiratory paralysis

10m                     M u s c l e    c o n t r a c t i o n  :  t h e    p e r s o n    r e m a i n s

                           “stuck” to the conductor

1-10mA               Prickling sensations



A state-of-the art product fit for lndustrial, Residential and Commercial


It is one piece residual current circuit breaker which is used both for control and

isolation of electrical circuits. It provides total protection to all living beings

against direct and indirect contact as well as to installations, big or small,

against insulation  faults. Human life is valueless and WINtrip RCCB is the

solution provider for safeguarding it.

Majority of mishaps occur due to current leakage consequently leading to fire.

WiNtrip RCCB of the required rating instantly detects this leakage and

terminates the supply reducing the risk of any kind of fire.

  • §  Provides protection against earth fault/leakage current and also fulfill the
  • §  function of  isolation.
  • §  Automatically measures and disconnect the circuit when earth 
  • fault/leakage currentoccurs and exceeds the rated sensitivity.
  • §  High short-circuit current withstand capacity – 10KA
  • §  Dual termination possible for cable and comb type busbar connection
  • §  Equipped with finger protected connection terminals (Ip20)
  • §  fire resistant plastic parts to withstand abnormal heating and strong
  • §   impact
  • §  Independent of power supply and line voltage. Also free from external
  • voltage fluctuation.
  • §  Incorporates a filtering device for prevention of nuisance tripping due to 
  • transient voltage
  • §  High current rating up to 63A
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